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  • In this issue we hear from a short termer, newly home from his three month experience,

    and from a long term missionary who began his xareer in missions with a short term.

  • God Affirms Jason's Call

    Things finally came together.  For three years, Jason had dreamed of going to a country in the Middle East where God had called him. Because of numerous food allergies and a restricted diet, doubts arose in his thoughts: “How will I ever find the food I need to live there?”  Amazingly, God opened the door for a three-month trip to his dream country to show Jason that He could keep him and use him there.   


    Airport schedulesGod did above and beyond what Jason expected.  On exchanging flights in Cairo passengers were told: “Your flight has been cancelled.” Hours of waiting ensued while the airlines tried to find another route.  With lots of time on his hands, Jason began a conversation with a young man waiting for the same flight. He turned out to be from the country where Jason was heading and he spoke English. They talked and exchanged thoughts about their separate religions and beliefs. When Jason was offered a hotel room by the airlines, he refused it because his friend did not qualify for the same service. Their friendship was cemented. Finally a new flight was arranged and Jason and his new friend were on their way. His friend asked him lots of questions about his faith and Jason got to share the message of salvation. Arriving at their destination, they exchanged phone numbers before parting.

    Twice, Jason met up with his new friend. Conversations continued about who Jesus is. The young man didn’t show that he had an interest in following Jesus but it was encouraging for Jason, who had never been to this country, to already have a friend who could share with him about the country and culture.

    Jason relished studying the language. He joined a group of new workers visiting various areas of the country. During that trip he learned how seasoned workers approached people in evangelism and he had more opportunities to meet young people who spoke English. Although some showed interest in what Jason believed about Jesus and the Bible, it was discouraging to often hear the words, “But your book has been changed.” In other words, it has no value. Let us pray with Jason, and others who are witnessing for Jesus, that the Holy Spirit would enlighten hearts blinded by Satan’s lies.

    The trip proved to Jason that when God calls, He also provides for all our needs. Jason didn’t eat like he would have back home, but he says, “It’s do-able.” He not only survived but actually put on weight while away.

    Most important, Jason’s call to long term service in this country is stronger than ever.


  • A Shop Owner Touched by Worship



    But the hour is coming and now is, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him” John 4:23, 24


    The above passage has taken on fresh and exciting meaning to me through some unexpected experiences over the past months. marketGathered together with some friends one morning during prayer a certain nearby shop owner came to my mind. I had visited him a number of times but quite some time had passed since I last saw him. Sensing it was from the Lord, I responded in my heart by asking the Lord to give me the opportunity to spend time with him if that’s what He wanted. A friend and I approached His shop and lo and behold there he was waiting to see us. He called us in for tea and we caught up.

    continued in next column...


  • When Being Counter Cultural Works


    “Men witness to men and women witness to women.”  These are the words of a wise instructor of cross-cultural missions.  Especially in conservative societies such as where we work and live.  I had heard this many times and even echoed these same words to others.  In societies where the divides between men and women are strong, communication between the sexes needs to be careful and cultural boundaries respected.


    I first met Tina while exploring our new neighbourhood.  ME Lunch placeWe were trying to get the lay of the land and we ventured out as a family to practice ‘culinary evangelism’.  Namely, explore the various foods your new neighbourhood offers and meet and talk to as many people as you can.  Tina ran a store serving basic breakfast and lunch menus specializing in milk/yogurt/cheese products.  These kinds of restaurants are frequented mainly by the low-income working class where a meal of yogurt and semolina pancakes can be had for roughly a dollar.  Tina was at that time an unmarried middle aged educated woman who ran the shop for the benefit of her family.  She served us and talked with us about many subjects.  She took delight in our children and immediately became their local adopted 'Auntie'. My wife would often have her “ladies' time” on Saturday morning and would go and fellowship with other ladies in our team.  That left me with our children and so out the door we would go.  We would do some errands but a visit to Tina’s lunch counter was always on the agenda as it was a good way to pass the time, to observe local culture, and to let the kids enjoy their surroundings.  Tina loved these visits and she would even help feed the little one if she wasn’t busy.

    Sometimes we could chat about things and sometimes not.  My children were the buffer culturally that allowed us to communicate and relate in a public place.  I learned that she had a keen mind and was quite familiar with what was going on in the world.  When the time was right we had spiritual talks and she showed me the Bible that she was reading.  She had been told that her Prophet was written about in the Bible and so she started from the beginning and was working through the scriptures this way.  It was here I realized that others had already been witnessing in her life.  Tina told me of another family years previous who had given her the Bible.  I could see that God was working in her already and that I was only another witness to come along at such a time as this.  Some plant seeds, and some water.

    God can work across the greatest of barriers and obstacles and is not limited by man-made wisdom.  I am in awe that I, a man, could speak across these barriers through the intervention of God (and children) to a woman, something that was clearly orchestrated by God.  I’m not sure if I have a role anymore to play in her life, but I have faith that God will continue to work in her life, despite the barriers.


  • Touched by Worshipcont'd

     Noticing we had a guitar with us he asked us to play a song or two. Feeling the Lord in this we broke out into worship. As soon as we started singing we experienced God’s presence in such an amazing way. My friend was sweating on the strings and I was singing from my depths, eyes closed and lost in His love. After a while I opened my eyes and noticed that the shop was filling up. The worship was attracting bystanders rather quickly. I got to do a bit of translating, explaining what we were singing and why we were doing so. It was an amazing experience and this friend and shop owner couldn’t get enough. We played on for a while and left by saying we were expecting to come back. I was so excited and filled with such a childlike joy for the bliss of this relationship that we have with God through His grace and in His Spirit. I left with a new heart cry for intercession that these people would also experience this on a very personal level. Please pray for more opportunities like this and also to learn some contextual songs in their language. This could be a good way to reach out and share the love of the Father with these people.

  • Meet our Workers

    In the next issues of RPM, we will gradually be introducing our overseas workers. Many of them serve in countries we call ‘creative access nations’; therefore, their names and the places where they work are not published. But the Lord knows, so please pray.


    B serves in Eastern Europe. B. came to faith as a teenager whole-heartedly seeking answers to “Why am I here?”  “What’s my purpose?”  God miraculously brought her to Himself while she lived in the hippie communal life of the late 1970’s.  She married, raised her son, worked in law offices, and heard stories of how God protected persecuted believers in the former Soviet Union.  Her money went to the Soviet Union and her heart followed thereafter with a strong, lingering desire to help out in some way.  She became a WECer in 2005, at 49, and went to serve in Eastern Europe in 2008.  Now she lives in a rural setting and teaches English to children and adults and works with the church in teaching Sunday School and Kids’ Club.


    M and JR serve in the Middle East.  M came to WEC following a year at Bible College and a job with a feed mill in Ontario. He has a strong passion for reaching Muslims for Christ.  JR, from Korea, served as a children’s pastor in her church before coming into WEC. She attended the same Candidate Orientation class as M at the Canadian WEC Branch in Hamilton. Both felt God calling them to work in the Middle East and as time went on, they realized He was leading them to serve together. They completed CO in the spring of 2011, and married that fall moving to the Middle East the following year. God has since blessed them with a daughter, now three years old. They enjoy reaching out to village people and the many refugees in their area. Through teaching English, God opens doors to share the Gospel. Discipling new believers and seeing them grow in their faith is the most encouraging part of their ministry.


    Adamson FamilySuzanne & Luke Adamson serve with Betel in the Britan.

    Suzanne (nee Davis) studied at Bethany Bible College in Minneapolis.  During a required school internship, she spent several months working with Betel (a WEC ministry to recovering addicts) in the UK. She has a heart for people longing to be free from addictions.  Suzanne, originally from Ontario, joined WEC for full time service in Betel in 2011. Luke, from Wales, was in the Betel UK program when they first met. They married in June, 2014, and are now the proud parents of Ally, born in April 2016. Both Luke and Suzanne love watching people’s lives being transformed by the power of God, but it is sad to see people walking away from the program before having had an experience with God. Luke and Suzanne help supervise the men in Birmingham and Luke runs the Betel landscaping business which helps fund the charity.



    Some statistics from the WEC USA Short Term Department 1989 - 2017

    At least 20 to 25% of our short termers have joined WEC or another agency for long term service.

    Short term missions are worthwhile.


    If you think the Lord might be calling you to go on a short term mission


    call Randy at 905-529-0166


    Ther are many needs and opportunities.