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    God's Surprises

    We pray for opportunities to share the Gospel, to lead people to Christ, and to bless others but are often surprised by how God answers those prayers. Here are three stories that inspire us with the element of surprise.

  •  Jesus' Love Touches a Lame Man

    A young worker and his friend in Central Asia ventured into an unreached part of the country. They report:

    The first day we did a lot of walking. As we walked we asked the Lord to open a door for us to share in this city. We began conversations with quite a few people but no one showed an interest in talking with us. We would chat for a few minutes before they said they had to leave or get back to work. We went back to the hotel and decided to spend some time in prayer before getting to bed early. Tomorrow we would have an early start. As soon as my friend jumped into bed he jumped right back out, grabbed the blankets and sheets and pulled them back to reveal a nice little cockroach in his bed. At this point I decided to get up and check my sheets.  All clear.crowd in street


    The next day we met a man using two crutches and walking with difficulty. We asked him what had happened. He explained that he had been in a car accident that affected his ability to use his legs.  “Can I pray for you?” I asked. “Yes,” he replied. I took him by the arm and began to pray. When I had finished I looked at him and he looked at me with tears streaming down his face. I pulled him in close and hugged him. He cried into my shoulder and I told him that I loved him, that Jesus loves him and that not once has God ever forgotten him. He asked me if I could help him sit down and after a minute of him catching his breath I asked him what was going on. He said, “When you took my arm and began to pray I felt loved. I can’t remember ever being loved this way.”  We sat and talked for about twenty minutes. I shared in different ways about the love of Jesus and salvation. In the end, I told him that I would like to give him my Bible as a gift and asked him if he would accept it. He told me he would.  I pulled my Bible, in the local language, out of my back pack and told him again how much Jesus loves him and how much this Book has changed my life. He took my Bible and kissed it before putting in in his bag. He then told me that his wife actually teaches courses from their holy book but that he was going to take my Bible home and read it with his wife. We hugged and he began to cry again. I told him again that I love him, Jesus loves him and that God has not forgotten him.  Pray for the salvation of this man.


  • Meet K

    Silhouette 1

    While growing up in Central Asia with missionary parents, K had a burden to reach the lost for Christ. On returning to Canada she attended Bible School at Briercrest and during that year the Lord affirmed His call on her life. She says, “I had an experience where I felt the Lord’s presence and love very strongly. It occurred to me that I wasn’t doing anything for the Lord and yet He was drawing closer to me.    I didn’t have to become a missionary to earn His love.” K went to Central Asia on a short term for the school year 2012 - 2013 and in 2014 joined WEC for full-time service. She now serves in a large country in the Middle East. K is a keen witness for Christ. Her goal is to disciple people and see them loving Jesus and living for Him with their whole hearts. 

  •   Was it Really an Accident?

    Jake, a former discipleship student, stayed on in the city after the course finished.  We have seen him grow even more in his faith. He works as a barista at a popular café and shares his faith with the students who come. He also helps to mentor young people in our church. Jake stays at the Discipleship School property and organizes cleaning. His family remains in a neighbouring country. They do not share or support his new faith and conversations with them have been brief and angry, and sometimes they try to persuade Jake to return to Islam. In the many years Jake has lived in this country, his family has never come to see him, until this year. His mother and older brother suddenly decided they wanted to visit. Man with crutchesJake went to meet them in a city near the border and flew with his mother back to our city while his brother took the bus. Unfortunately the bus had an accident and Jake’s brother broke his leg. He eventually made it back here but because of his limited mobility was mostly confined to the Discipleship School property.


    Jake notes that had his brother’s leg not been broken, he would have been out and around the city, certainly not spending so much time with Jake and his friends. Now Jake’s brother was constantly exposed to worship and sermons that Jake likes to listen to, and he was also exposed to the discipleship students and our church community.  The Discipleship School property is a place to hang out, where we have barbecues, Bible studies, and prayer meetings. Jake’s brother was overwhelmed by what he saw and his prejudices about Christianity began to drop. He began to ask questions and to listen. And then, praise the Lord, he came to faith. It was incredible. A teary-eyed Jake baptized him recently and now Jake’s brother is a guest student in our discipleship program. Such a joy!




  • Meet our Workers

    The Bloomfields


    Derryl and Kim with

    their Fijian daughter, Talei.

    Derryl Bloomfield, from Lacombe, Alberta, met his wife Kim while working on the West coast.  On hearing a challenging message on the need for workers to reach souls for ChristBloomfields

    they were motivated to prepare for missions and enrolled in Prairie Bible College at Three Hills. While praying where God would send them, they felt called to people of the East – perhaps India?  They took further training in cross-cultural missions at Gateway, WEC’s training centre in BC, in 1999. With a family of young children, it didn’t seem wise to the leaders to send them to South Asia.  “There are unreached Indian people in Fiji,” one of the leaders suggested. Derryl was upset. “We are not called to beach evangelism,” he countered. A trip to Fiji with Ken Getty resulted in Derryl seeing the great need. This was not beach evangelism. Derryl and Kim Bloomfield with five children, the youngest five years old, were accepted into WEC in the fall of 1999 and left for Fiji the following year. God has wonderfully used them in outreach to the unreached peoples of Fiji and in training local believers in reaching Muslims for Christ. 

  • Surprised and Affirmed by Flutes

    The J family came to Toronto in 2015 due to the husband’s sickness. After six months he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, and at the same time God provided the opportunity to study for a Master’s degree in Ethnomusicology. He is now finishing his studies and they are preparing to return to Brazil in 2018. God is at work and they praise God for rest, renewal and healing as a family. The couple has a passion to help Indigenous people use their dances, visual arts and “heart” music to experience and glorify our Creator God. He writes:

    "My 10 year old daughter and I returned to Brazil for a two week trip in June of last year. Here is an anecdote of unexpected joy and discovery.

    Janzen family


    We spent the Sunday morning at the Indigenous Bible School where we worked, sharing in the church service and visiting with students and co-workers. After eating lunch together, I pulled out three flutes I had purchased earlier in the week in the city. They were made from bamboo; two of them were painted with red and black designs and one was a small pan flute. I had not seen these kinds of flutes before and had been told they were from the region.  Even though I had known everyone at the table for years, and knew they usually sing in Portuguese and play guitar, I was curious to discover what the students might say about the flutes. To my amazement, one of the Bible School teachers immediately reached for a flute (one from his father’s nation) and enthusiastically began playing it! Then a student who is usually reserved, also joined in the conversation, explaining how her music is similar and how it is used in village celebrations. Very soon, her husband joined in saying jokingly, “Stop – you are going to make me cry.” It was a surprising reminder of how much traditional music still connects with people emotionally even if it is not so visible at times. We need to encourage even more the use of “heart” music as part of discipleship, chapels, ministry trips and in church services.”


  •  Meet MS


    Silhouette 3

    M S immigrated to Canada from Korea in 2002 to attend McMaster University where she obtained her certificate in Occupational Therapy. Following graduation, she was deeply challenged through a sermon she heard about the cross and what Jesus did for her.  As a result, M S yielded her heart totally to Him. She prayed, “Lord what do you want me to do?” The verse, 1 Timothy 2: 4 came as her answer. “[God] desires all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.” She believed God was calling her into missions. In searching for a place to train for missionary service she was surprised to find that the Canadian WEC base was in Hamilton, not far from where she lived.  M S entered the Candidate Orientation course and was accepted by WEC in 2005. She also became a Canadian citizen.  In 2007, the Lord opened a door for her to teach at a university in Asia where she has served since that time. She has seen students of every age come to the knowledge of the truth that Jesus died for them.  She also ministers in a local church and helps lead an outreach to children in the community. M S says, “I love the locals and the Church , but I love God the most.”


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